men's yoga |

Do you think that couldn’t have been it yet? That now is the time to do something? I know this: in my early thirties I realized that I was already more flexible; physically, but also mentally. I had a strong hunch that yoga could be the solution. However, I had the idea that I would be forced to sit in a circle and chant Om. And I didn’t feel like doing that. When I finally got over myself, I immediately fell in love with yoga and was annoyed by my hesitation. That was 20 years ago. I am now in my mid-fifties and fit. Yoga became my game changer. I have now been teaching for seven years what I have experienced – and no more; no yoga folklore. I will introduce you to the basics in a relaxed manner and show you your own, individual practice. You don’t have to be flexible and deeply relaxed to practice yoga; You will become flexible and deeply relaxed. I will show you the relevant techniques and help you integrate them into your everyday life. Either in a private one-on-one lesson, a small group or an open class.

Are you interested in yoga but are unsure if it will work for you? I will prepare you for what awaits you in a yoga class.


8–9:30 PM

When men start practicing yoga, they usually have different sporting experiences and physical requirements than women, who in turn usually make up the majority in the usual yoga classes. Men and generally people who come from strength and endurance sports, for example, are often less flexible, but generally have more strength. In men’s yoga we focus more on the corresponding possibilities and needs. The asana practice is complemented by breathing exercises and meditation, concentration and relaxation exercises that improve our ability to deal with the challenges of our everyday lives.

11:30–12:30 PM

I teach a relaxed mix of flow sequences and longer held positions. The classes each have a weekly theme. I have found that the best way to switch off from my everyday life in the yoga classes I attend is to give me enough to do. That’s why there are a lot of announcements in my lessons, which also ensure precise (and therefore injury-free) alignment of the exercises. This makes my lessons particularly suitable for beginners.