men's yoga |


I enjoy teaching men. In the beginning it was something like an internal joke. Since my first yoga group in the Yoga House was almost exclusively attended by men, it was soon said: “Frank is doing his men’s yoga…”. But over time and after a few conversations with men interested in yoga, the conviction became stronger that a yoga class aimed primarily at men wasn’t a bad idea. […]


Yoga exerts its full power especially when you practice regularly. It doesn’t have to be particularly long. Just a quarter of an hour a day can make a big difference. It’s better to be shorter and continuous than longer and not so often. It doesn’t take much to better integrate your own practice into your everyday life. If you have your own mat, you can get started: at home, while traveling, in a favorite place, in nature, wherever you want.[…]




I teach a relaxed mix of flow sequences and longer held positions. The open classes each have a weekly theme, while in the private lessons I completely base my lesson design on the respective interests and needs of my client.[…]