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Yoga exerts its full power especially when you practice regularly. It doesn’t have to be particularly long. Just a quarter of an hour a day can make a big difference. It’s better to be shorter and continuous than longer and not so often.

It doesn’t take much to integrate your own practice into your everyday life. If you have your own mat, you can get started: at home, while traveling, in a favorite place, in nature, wherever you want.

In the workshop I will show you a simple but effective sequence of asanas, pranayama and meditation that anyone can learn and do for themselves.

You will receive a manual that you can use as a guide when you then practice on your own. This allows you to practice independently of teachers and video instructions, times and places, and prepare your body and mind optimally for your day.

This means that you no longer have to follow a given rhythm, but are free to find your own rhythm in your yoga, explore your own preferences and give more space to certain interests. And that from now on – building on this basic framework – you can expand your practice step by step and thus become your own teacher.