men's yoga |

8–9:30 PM

I love MY
Why do I teach yoga specifically for men?

First of all, I enjoy teaching men. I like how they channel their ambition into the lessons. I love witnessing the changes yoga brings about in them.

In the beginning it was something like an internal joke. Since my first yoga group at the Yoga Haus Zurich was attended almost exclusively by men, it soon became clear: “Frank is doing his men’s yoga there…”. But over time and after a few conversations with men interested in yoga, the conviction became stronger that yoga for men in Zurich wasn’t a bad idea. Because, especially when men start practicing yoga, they usually have different sporting experiences and physical requirements than women, who in turn usually make up the majority in the usual yoga classes. Many yoga classes are often geared towards the skills and knowledge of the female participants.

As the discussions also revealed, some participants who are not very experienced in yoga feel out of place in such groups. Men and generally people who come from strength and endurance sports, for example, are often less flexible, but generally have more strength. In men’s yoga we focus more on the corresponding possibilities and needs. New students (men’s yoga is also open to other genders) particularly benefit from the classes aimed at these strength and movement requirements.

Since most of the people in this group struggle with similar challenges, it is possible to focus more intensively on the typical muscular shortenings in a concentrated but relaxed atmosphere, to focus on the strengths of the powerful postures or on the weak points when stretching. The asana practice is complemented by breathing exercises and meditation, concentration and relaxation exercises that improve our ability to deal with the challenges of our everyday lives.