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I was born in Stuttgart in 1970 and grew up nearby. From 1995 I lived in Hamburg. I studied art there and then worked as a freelance artist and university lecturer. In 2006 I moved to Zurich for a research project. I have been teaching at Yoga Haus Zurich since 2017.

I teach a relaxed mix of flow sequences and longer held positions. The open classes each have a weekly theme; in the private lessons, I base the lesson design entirely on the respective interests and needs of my clients. I have found that the best way to switch off from my everyday life in the yoga classes I attend is to give me enough to do. That’s why there are a lot of announcements in my lessons, which also ensure precise (and therefore injury-free) alignment of the exercises. This makes my lessons particularly suitable for beginners. I guide my students step by step towards their own practice and, if desired, I am happy to help them integrate this into their everyday life.